In the News: Winter 2020

Social scientists scramble to study pandemic, in real time

4/8/2020 – Originally published in Science Magazine. Read the full article here.

“Economists are digging in as well. Matthew Kahn at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, has studied how industries cope with disasters. He and a collaborator are already gathering data to compare how companies are adjusting, depending on their supply chains and the different restrictions imposed by countries around the world.

He’s also rewriting the closing chapter to a new book about the economics of climate adaptation. Now, it’s going to talk about the coronavirus. “With any natural experiment, you’re studying the cause and effect. In real time, these companies are reoptimizing in the face of these shocks,” he says.” Read the full article here.

Former senator calls for participation in Census

2/27/2020 – Originally published in the JHU Newsletter. Read the full article here.

“The Census is only as good as the methods it uses, the questions it asks and how the data is translated into public policy,” Mikulski said. “Federal funds are becoming more spartan. There has been a major disinvestment in cities and programs that help and empower the poor.” Read the full article here.

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