In the News: Winter 2019

As Hopkins expands into D.C., what does that mean for Baltimore?

1/31/19 – “Last Friday, many of us received an email that Hopkins had purchased the building that currently houses the Newseum, a museum in Washington, D.C. that is dedicated to promoting freedom of speech…To be sure, the University has made some substantial efforts to give back to Baltimore. In December 2012, Hopkins announced the Homewood Community Partners Initiative (HCPI) to stimulate community partnerships in ten neighborhoods near Homewood Campus. In 2015, Hopkins launched HopkinsLocal in an effort to increase the University’s investment in Baltimore-based small businesses. And in 2017, the University’s 21st Century Cities initiative funded five research projects addressing urban policy improvements in Baltimore. Through these endeavors, the University has shown a vested interest in helping Baltimore residents on both a financial level and policy level.” Learn more here.

Balancing the Scales of Investment in Baltimore

1/3/19 – “Like a lot of American cities, contemporary Baltimore has two types of neighborhoods: Those few areas in and around downtown, where capital is relatively easy to access, and the more common outlying neighborhoods, often historically disinvested and constrained by legacy policies like redlining, where capital is scarce and lending for small businesses is relatively difficult… According to James “Mac” McComas, the program coordinator at Johns Hopkins University 21st Century Cities Initiative, the neighborhood-by-neighborhood disparity is stark: In the last five years, private banks have invested $780 million in the fund’s eligible neighborhoods, which cover two thirds of the city, while investing more than $860 million in the remaining third. ” Learn more here.

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