21CC undertakes three key functions. First, it serves as the campus hub for convening urban focused academic meetings. Second, it holds events to bring together policy makers, concerned citizens, business interests, and policy experts to discuss key urban policy issues. Third, the center undertakes new research focused on urban economic growth and quality of life with a special focus on the environment. For specific examples of our recent research, please see our research webpage. Through rigorous data analysis and policy evaluation, this center focuses on how to align the incentives of the private sector and federal, state and local governments to unlock the full potential of cities including Baltimore, U.S and international cities.  Join our mailing list. The 21st Century Cities Initiative will be working closely with JHU’s Centers for Civic Impact on a wide range of research and outreach urban projects.

The 21st Century Cities Initiative encourages Johns Hopkins undergraduates, graduate students and our alumni to get involved in the center’s activities. We seek to hire research assistants and to place students in federal, state, and local government internships. Those interested in research positions should be familiar with basic statistical methods and have some knowledge of computer programming and spatial data techniques such as GIS. The center also welcomes visiting scholars. For those who are interested please contact Mac McComas at 21CC@jhu.edu.

New Research

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