BSEC 2023 All Hands Meetings – November 9-10, 2023

BSEC Seminar Series: Two Decades of Urban Soil Research in Baltimore – October 8, 2023

BSEC Seminar Series: USDA Forest Service Urban Field Station Network: Baltimore Field Station – September 20, 2023

BSEC Seminar Series: Buildings & Energy – July 20, 2023

BSEC Seminar Series: Atmospheric Boundary Layer – June 21, 2023

BSEC Seminar Series: The Baltimore Ecosystem Study – May 17, 2023

BSEC Seminar Series: A Sociological Approach to Space & Place – February 15, 2023

Baltimore Social-Environmental Collaborative Kickoff Meeting – January 12, 2023

BSEC community partners and researchers discuss environmental justice and climate change priorities. January 12, 2023.

On January 12, 2023, the Baltimore Social-Environmental Collaborative (BSEC) held its kickoff meeting in the A. Hoen & Co. Lithograph Building in the Broadway East neighborhood, one of the project’s focus neighborhoods, in Baltimore City. The meeting brought together BSEC project members including city agency staff, community members, and researchers to discuss environmental justice issues in the city and the challenges and opportunities facing Baltimore’s climate future. BSEC community partners presented their existing work on environmental justice in the city and BSEC researchers shared background on plans and goals for the Department of Energy funded project.

Watch the panel discussion, Addressing Environmental Justice and Climate Change in Baltimore from the January 12, 2023 kickoff meeting below.

See photos from the event below. (Photos by Will Kirk)

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