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Support 21CC

Urban economic growth and quality of life hinges on the skills and health of the local populace. At a time of rising income inequality and increased political polarization, it is essential to embrace an interdisciplinary approach to devise policies, incentives, interventions, and legislation that facilitate inclusive economic growth. Given JHU’s long standing academic strengths in social science, business, public health, data science, and engineering, 21CC provides an interdisciplinary platform for faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates to collaborate with policymakers, private industry, city government departments, NGO practitioners, and academics and researchers at other universities and institutes to identify and devise solutions to pressing social challenges.

Your contribution will help support future endeavors, to include:

  • Funding for innovative research
  • Educating and training Hopkins undergraduates
  • Bringing our ideas and programs into wider use in developed and developing nations
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To make a gift or to ask questions about giving, please contact:

Andrew Rentschler
Johns Hopkins University
Office of Principal Gifts
3400 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218
Phone: 410-516-0470
Email: andrew.rentschler@jhu.edu[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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