Johns Hopkins 21st Century Cities Initiative hosted a virtual discussion of housing mobility initiatives and health outcomes on November 12, 2020. Research on the long term impact of the landmark Moving to Opportunity (MTO) experiment has shown significantly improved outcomes for children whose families were randomly provided with a voucher in the program, including increased college enrollment and economic well-being. Johns Hopkins University professors Stefanie DeLuca (Sociology), Craig Pollack (Public Health and Medicine), and Corinne Keet (Public Health and Medicine) discuss the impact of MTO and more recent Creating Moves to Opportunity (CMTO) programs on health outcomes in families, and ongoing work evaluating the impact of the Baltimore Mobility Program on asthma morbidity among low-income children. The discussion included a practical overview of how the programs were implemented, underlying mechanisms, and health outcomes. Adria Crutchfield (Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership) discussed the new Kresge funded Health Children Demonstration Program.

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