Date: October 7th, 2017

Location: Gilman Hall, Room 130G

Time: 4:15PM-6:00PM


Suzanne Mettler, Clinton Rossiter Professor of American Institutions in the Department of Government at Cornell University will be discussing chapters one and four from her book manuscript, The Government-Citizen Disconnect. You can read them here. Daniel Schlozman of the Department of Political Science and Andy Cherlin of the Department of Sociology will serve as discussants.

The Johns Hopkins Workshop on Inequality and Social Policy brings together colleagues — faculty, graduate students, and interested undergraduates — from the Krieger School and around the university to examine the latest scholarship on inequality. Rooted fundamentally in the social sciences, the workshop will range widely to embrace a variety of perspectives. Although focused primarily on inequality in the United States — its historical roots, contemporary causes, and potential remedies — the workshop will also embrace a global perspective on the problem of inequality. While inequality of various kinds is clearly susceptible to the precise measurement and modeling of the quantitative social sciences, inequality is also the result of historical and cultural processes that draw the attention of fields such as history and anthropology. Across all of these fields, the problem of inequality has generated some of the most creative and exciting scholarship in the social sciences in recent years, and the workshop will offer colleagues at Hopkins the opportunity to be exposed to and learn from the best of this work in a stimulating and mutually supportive environment.

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